The best Korean keyboard out there: Naver Smartboard

Hi everyone! Apologies for the long radio silence, I want to say I’ve been busy but mostly I’ve been lazy about sitting down and writing on here. But I’m back with a useful resource!

Naver Smartboard: useful for anyone who wants to type in Korean

If you’ve typed in Korean on your smartphone and thought: “wow, these word predictions are bad” or “why does autocorrect keep changing my words into something completely different?”, I have a solution for you. Or, well, Naver does.

I never really understood why the default Korean keyboard on iOS didn’t include word predictions like the English or French ones do, or why it kept changing my correctly spelled words into completely different ones. It was frustrating, I sometimes sent out messages in Korean with wrong words because I didn’t notice the autocorrect, it didn’t help me type faster by suggesting words or correcting them smartly. Enter: Naver Smartboard.

The word predictions are actually useful, it includes emoji prediction/fast typing as well (i.e., if you type chicken it will suggest the chicken emoji), and it also integrates Naver Papago which is kind of useful.

Naver Smartboard

Like, I wouldn’t actually trust it to correctly translate entire sentences as showcased above, but if you’re in a pinch and can’t remember a word, it can be useful to pull up that feature and just type in the word you can’t remember and bam, instant translation. I know I just did it this morning because I couldn’t for the life of me remember how to say charming.

Of course, the keyboard also allows you to switch between 한글 and the latin alphabet super easily.

If you are currently living in Korea, it seamlessly integrates Naver search so you can quickly look up an address, a store in the area, check the weather, and so on. And because this is 2020, a gif keyboard is also included 😉

You can see more of the features on the official website here, and it’s available for both iOS and Android phones.